Award Categories

  1. Women's Service
    Includes titles with a mandate to primarily serve women with a mix of health, fashion, food, features, decor and other service journalism.

  2. News, Business, Celebrity
    Includes titles primarily covering current affairs, news, business, popular culture and celebrity.

  3. Home & Décor
    Includes home fashion, home style, renovation, and real estate titles with a primarily style vs business focus.

  4. Sports & Leisure
    Includes titles covering general sports, specific sports, and leisure activities including pastimes and hobbies.

  5. General Interest, Arts, Lifestyle & Regional
    Includes city and regional titles, general interest magazines with a broad editorial mandate, arts titles and general lifestyle titles.

  6. Men's Service 
    Includes magazines with a mandate and focus on men whether fashion related, automotive, motorcycle, politics or any other area not covered under the sports and leisure category.

  7. SIPs & New Magazines
    Includes one-off special-interest titles and new magazine launches for which there is no historical sales data. Note: Annual SIPs with historical sales data should be entered in one of the categories above.

  8. Small Magazines
    Includes magazines with a circulation under 50,000.

  9. Newsstand Marketer of the Year: The Newsstand Marketer of the Year will be an individual who has demonstrated passion and innovation—and produced results—for a newsstand project. Their work may be for regular duties performed, for efforts above and beyond the call of duty or for a special campaign in 2015. This “most valuable player” may work for a Canadian publishing house, a national distributor or a wholesaler. There is no entry fee. Simply complete the online nominations form with the person's name, their job title and their employer, along with a brief explanation citing why you believe this individual deserves to be recognized. All nominations are confidential. Nominators are asked to include their own name and email address.

    ENTRY DEADLINE: February 23, 2016

    Total circulation includes newsstand sales, subscriptions and controlled copies, according to the most recent AAM or CCAB/BPA statements, or by sworn statement as published in CARD.


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